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Newcomers STARTER PACK and Recent Updates

Create new character and receive very good bonuses for easier start!

PET Panda, RING Panda, Wizard's Ring, Horn of Dinorant, Small Wings +15,

Scrolls of Battle, Strength, Defense, Wrath, Wizardry, Quickness, Healing, Mana

+ LUCKY SET (Tier 1) tickets for items of your character class !

Existing players who want to get Lucky Set use a gift code: LUCKY-SET-TIER-1-FREE




[Increased] Damage pvM of MG by 10%

[Decreased] Damage pvM of SL by 15%

[Changed] Apply rate for other classes of Elf buffs (Greater Defense, Greater Damage)

and DW buff (Mana Shield) to 60%.

[Increased] Drop rate Flame of Condor in Barracks by 40%

[Increased] Drop rate Jewel of Life, Jewel of Creation

[Increased] Drop rate of Zen by 30%

[Increased] Drop rate of Card Piece in all maps by 50%

[Increased] Drop rate of Jewels from monsters in Blood Castle by 50%

[Increased] HP of door and statue in Blood Castle all levels

[Fixed] Event entry levels now show correctly in-game (BC, DS, CC etc.)

[Increased] Event entries limit per day (BC, DS, CC etc.)

[Added] Gemstone drop Kanturu + all maps starting from Ferea above

[Increased] Drop rate of Fenrir creation items in Crywolf by 70%

[Increased] Drop rate of Excellent items from monsters in all maps

[Changed] Blood Castle 1-7 monsters power and experience 

[Changed] Devil Square 1-7 monsters balanced to character level

[Added] New Year Horses in DS 1-7 and more monsters in DS 2-7

[Added] Miracle Coin drop from all monsters in Arena

[Added] Now all invasion monsters give Goblin Points

[Adjusted] Event and invasion schedule, monster amounts

[Added] More event and invasion timers on website

... coming soon rewards, drops adjustments and info on web guides


.. many more changes, fixes and updates will be released

... the list is being updated every day

.... soon will be added a special page where you will be able to view latest updates