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Server High X1000 Info

Easy level up because of experience never changes and stats stay after reset! Grand reset is optional and gives unique bonuses to strengthen your character! Special custom Quest system with extra tasks and rewards.


Server secured against cheats, hacks by Premium LiveGuard AntiCheat so fair game guaranteed. Premium Launcher for best gaming experience included.


Server Specs:

Version: Premium Season 15

Experience Regular | Master: 1000x | 1000x

Max Level Regular | Master: 400 | 800

Max total level is 1200

Balanced bosses and map spots

Custom Quest System

Custom New Jewels

Unique boss and Event rewards

Many cool ingame Events

PvP and PvE class balance

Max Connections per 1 Computer: 3

Low Performance [Anti-Lag]: Button F9

Offlevel enabled [limited max time]

Offstore enabled in Loren Market

Non PvP Maps: Aida 1,2 | Karutan 1,2 | Deep Dungeon 1

Helpful and responsive ingame and website staff team support


Resets | Grand Resets | Rewards:

🔵 Resets
Reset Stat Points: Stay
Reset Limit: 80
Reset from: 400 Level

🔵 Grand Resets
Grand Reset Stat Points: Clear
Grand Reset New Free Stat Points: 5000 * GR Count
Grand Reset Limit: Unlimited
Grand Reset from: 80 Resets

🔵 Rewards
Reset Reward: 10 Wcoins
Grand Reset Reward: 3000 Wcoins
Grand Reset Bonus Reward: Damage, SD and HP +5% * GR Count


Much more to explore ingame ...

For more info check detailed Game Guides which include all necessary information!

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