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Server X50 Opening - 11. November

ⅈ Server Settings

Version: Season 18 Part 2-2

Experience Regular: 50x ~ 10x

Experience Master, Majestic: 100x

Maximum Level: 400

Maximum Master Level: 1150

Points per Level: 5 / 7

In-Game X Shop: ON (limited)

Grand Resets: OFF (only resets)

Progressive Reset Rewards: ON

Offstore / Offleveling: ON

Antihack / Anticheat: ON

Anti-Lag activate with button F9

Maximum Connections per 1 Computer: 4


ⅈ Reset System Information

Level to Reset: 400

Stats after Reset: Clear

Stats after Reset: 500 Free Points * resets count

Total Stats with Max Resets: ~ 50,000 Points (Build)

Reset AmountEXPZen RequiredReward WCoinsReward RUUDReward ITEMReward BUFF
0 - 10100%1kk * count10500Jewel of Excellent (random)5RR+ DMG, DEF, HP +5%
11 - 2095%20kk201000Miracle Coin 10xDMG, DEF, HP +10%
21 - 3090%30kk301500Miracle Coin 20xDMG, DEF, HP +15%
31 - 4080%40kk402000Miracle Coin 30xDMG, DEF, HP +20%
41 - 5070%50kk502500Jewel of Exc Ancient (random)DMG, DEF, HP +25%
51 - 6060%60kk603000Horn of FenrirDMG, DEF, HP +30%
61 - 7050%70kk703500Seal of Ghost HorseDMG, DEF, HP +35%
71 - 8040%80kk804000Seal of Ice DragonDMG, DEF, HP +40%
81 - 9030%90kk904500Seal of Pierce LionDMG, DEF, HP +45%
91 - 10020%100kk1005000Seal of Shining TailDMG, DEF, HP +50%



ⅈ Special Features

VIP System (Player status with several benefits)

VIP additional rewards (Bonus extra rewards daily)

Gift Code System (Use the given codes to claim freebies)

Achievements (Quests) (Easy tasks & nice rewards)

Donation Rewards (Bonus extra rewards for buying WCoins)

Wheel of Fortune (Spin and win random rewards)

Vote Reward System (Free WCoins just by voting)

Referral System (Invite others to play and get rewarded)

Change Class (Easily change character class to any other)

Account Logs (View a history of your account actions)

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